Clarification on meets for Junior Olympic qualifiers.

There are 2 organizations that have Junior Olympics, AAU and USATF.

For AAU, you MUST compete in ONE of the following meets June 3 El Dorado KS or June 10 Independence MO in order to qualify for the regional Junior Olympic qualifier that is held in Joplin on June 22-25. If you qualify for the Junior Olympics, by placing in top 5 at Joplin meet, the AAU JO will be held in Detroit MI. July 25-Aug 5.

For USATF, there is not a mandatory meet to participate at the regional Junior Olympic qualifier which is in Joplin July 6-9. If you place in top 5 at Joplin meet then the USATF JO will be in Lawrence KS July 23-30

I hope this helps! We plan on competing in both sanctions but it's up to the parents which one to do or both. The opportunity to do both is practical this year and get in on great competition. If you qualify AAU/USATF, then go to which JO suits your family the best, or both!

Remaining Summer 2017 Schedule

July 17th - Monday              7:00 practice

July 19th - Wednesday        7:00 practice

July 24th- July 30th           USATF Jr. Olympic- Lawrence, KS

July 31st - Aug 5th        AAU Jr. Olympic- Ypsalanti, MI

How to Register with AAU

and attach to CJ FREEDOM


CJ Freedom provides coaching and training for youth ages 7-18 with two options for those interested in participating with our club.  For those who are new to the sport of track and field and are interested in learning more, just training or staying close to home, we offer our "local team". Our "traveling team" members will compete in high level competitive meets throughout Missouri and Kansas, as well as take part in AAU qualifier meets for the opportunity to compete on a national level. 

CJ Freedom has a 501 c (3) IRS status meaning contributions are tax deductible!! Without help from parents, individuals and organizations our club would be most difficult to maintain. Thanks to all of the individuals who make it possible for CJ Freedom athletes to compete and reach their highest potential. Each victory that we celebrate we celebrate with you! We know that it is because of people like you, that non profit clubs like us are able to stay functional.


CJ Freedom orientation - .doc (116,5 kB)

AAU basic regs.doc (368 kB)


CJ Freedom track meet essentials.docx (90,9 kB)


CJ Freedom Records 07-07-17.xlsx


Park Hill - Stride Ryte results.docx


2016 JO Houston Boys results.docx

2016 JO Houston Girls results.docx

2016 AAU Region 16 National Qualifier results.docx

2016 MO District Qualifier - Park Hill.docx

2016 KS District Qualifier - El Dorado.docx

Grandview 5-21-16.docx

Park Hill 5-7-16.docx


2015 AAU JO Games - Virginia Beach.docx

2015 AAU National Qualifier boys.docx

2015 AAU National Qualifier girls.docx

2015 MO DQualifier Belton.docx

2015 Missouri Valley AAU KS DQ - girls.docx

2015 Missouri Valley AAU KS DQ - boys.docx


2014 AAU JO Games-Des Moines-GIRLS.docx (95 kB)

2014 AAU JO Games-Des Moines-BOYS.docx (75,1 kB)

2014 AAU National Qualifer Girls.docx (92,6 kB)

2014 AAU National Qualifer Boys.docx (73,6 kB)

2014 Lee's Summit MO DQualifier results 6-14.docx (71,3 kB)

2014 El Dorado KS DQualifier results 6-7.docx (95,3 kB)

2014 Little Rock AR DQualifier results 6-7.docx (18,5 kB)



DQualifier El Dorado results.doc (125,5 kB)

Peculiar MO DQualifier results.doc (105,5 kB)

2013 AAU National Qualifer - boys.doc (75,5 kB)
2013 AAU National Qualifer - girls.doc (162 kB)

2013 AAU JO Games - Detroit - BOYS.doc (99 kB)
2013 AAU JO Games - Detroit - GIRLS.doc (171 kB)



Oak Grove DQulaifier 6-9-12.doc (95 kB)
Towanda DQualifier 6-2-12.doc (104 kB)

National Qualifier-Joplin Boys.doc (77,5 kB)

National Qualifier-Joplin-Girls.doc (73,5 kB)

2012 Jr Olympics - Houston - BOYS.docx (68,4 kB)
2012 Jr Olympics - Houston -GIRLS.docx (71,4 kB)




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2017 SeasonParent meeting Thursday March 30 at the Chrisitan Church of Carl Junction, 103 Hodge Dr in CJMembership and registration fees are required for those athletes wanting to participate and compete in sanctioned track meets. By becoming a member of our club at the competition level your...

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CJ Freedom Track Club is a faith based organization participating in the sport of youth Track & Field Athletics encouraging physical fitness for all. All levels of athleticism are welcome! We are a member of the AAU, Amateur Athletic Union, competing in the Missouri Valley...

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