Danny Sluder

04/13/2012 23:00

Hello, my name is Danny Sluder. I consider myself a lifelong athlete. Ran track in high school, did fairly well and a little at the college level. First and foremost I try my best to be a Godly man. Not perfect, just trying my best to be a Christ follower. Ordained Deacon in the Christian Church. I have 5 beautiful daughters from all over the world and a beautiful wife that favors this opportunity. I have coached multiple sports with all my daughters but feel led to bring a new level of track & field to the Carl Junction area where my girls attend school and where I was also raised.  I feel the good Lord has given me the ability to promote positive self-worth, relate that to young people, while teaching in the world of sports. I have been an employee of the Empire District Electric Co. for 33 years where I currently am a Field Safety professional. In that capacity I utilize the same methods of a positive culture and promote the desire to be our best as an individual.